Tips & Advice

Application – Don’t forget the basics:

Make sure your CV is up to date – we’d like to know what work you’re doing currently, or what you’ve done recently.

Think about what will impress us.

We want to know about your work experience, of course, but what else have you done? Perhaps you’ve taken part in voluntary work, challenging projects, travel, sports or professional development.

Bear in mind which job you’re applying for and make sure you tell us which skills you have that closely match what we’re looking for.

No need to rush. You can save your application in draft form and come back to it, but do note the expiry date for the role as we’re unable to accept applications after this date. This might seem like common sense, but make sure you check for spelling mistakes and other errors. And no ‘txt spk’, please.


Good preparation is by far the best way to ensure you get the most out of the interview experience.

Learn as much as you can about us. You might want to find out more on our corporate website or read national newspapers and the business press.

Research the position and the skills and behaviours required. Think about your own experience and particular examples which show how you measure up.

Think about how you would structure an answer to a competency-based question.

These types of questions usually begin “Give us an example of ……” or “tell us about a time when …….” You should set the scene by providing a brief background to the situation, describe what you had to achieve, tells us in detail how you achieved it, and then let us know what the outcome was.

When you answer these questions the assessors are interested in your specific role and actions during a particular situation so make sure you focus on the ‘I’ rather than ‘we’.

On the day:

Listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions. If you don’t understand the question don’t be afraid to ask us to repeat or rephrase it. We’ll be happy to.

Remember the interview is your opportunity to get information from us so come prepared with your questions.

Finally, remember to be yourself. You’ve got this far and we’ve liked what we’ve seen. We’d just like to see that in more detail.